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Three perfect plans built with you in mind. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Twice a year, you can count us to complete the tasks listed in your chosen plan with satisfactory service. Our technician will be professional, uniformed, and qualified to work on your equipment. We will take extraordinary care in your home and provide you a written, detailed quote for repairs before we start any work. Our technicians will follow a stringent quality assurance task list to ensure a complete and thorough service each and every time. 

What is a 21 Point Inspection?

Our 21 Point Inspection was crafted with you in mind and ensures that your system is running to it's maximum efficiency. Our trained NATE certified technicians will complete all of the tasks listed to the right with courtesy and precision. The 21 Point Inspection also allows us to catch any current problems with your system that could save you thousands of dollars down the road. 

1. Clean & adjust burner assembly

2. Check & adjust gas pressure

3. Clean ignition assembly

4. Inspect heat exchange or elements

5. Monitor flue draft

6. Monitor refrigerant pressure

7. Inspect for refrigerant leaks

8. Test starting capabilities

9. Test safety controls

10. Clean or replace standard air filters

11. Measure for correct air flow

12. Tighten electrical connections

13. Measure volts/amps

14. Lubricate all moving parts

15. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible

16. Inspect thermostat for proper operation

17. Operate and test reversing valve

18. Inspect condenser coil

19. Clean condensate drains

20. Measure temperature difference

21. Make recommendations for improvement

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