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Packaged Products

Whether you want to replace an existing air conditioner or heat pump—or reduce your energy costs with a Hybrid Heat® solution—our packaged products could be the creative solution you’re looking for.

Performance™ 15 Packaged Hybrid Heat® System
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This system manages energy use in the winter by selecting the best heating source for the conditions - a gas furnace or electric heat pump. During the cooling season, enjoy the benefits afforded by two-stage compression for enhanced dehumidification and comfort. All year long, it maintains your comfort mostly using low-stage operation to deliver consistent, quiet, high-efficiency temperature control.

Performance™ 16 Packaged Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner System 

Whether you are enjoying gas heat in the winter or air conditioned cooling in the summer, this Performance system delivers the consistent temperatures and quiet efficiency of two-stage operation.

Offering enhanced summertime dehumidification capabilities along with ENERGY STAR®qualified performance in every model, it is a package system you can truly get comfortable with.

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Comfort™ 14 Packaged Hybrid Heat® System
ecofriendly heater georgia

A solid, all-in-one packaged home comfort system that lets you cool or warm your home with an energy-efficient electric heat pump, then turns on the gas furnace when the mercury dips.

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