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Community Spotlight // Safehouse Coffee Roasters

comfort for the soul | with A&B


Around here, behind every efficiently running heating and cooling system, you’ll find a professionally trained A&B technician. Behind professionally trained A&B technicians, you’ll find a nice cup of Joe motivating them throughout the day.

Preferences vary, but the caffeine runs strong throughout our building. Our service manager, Keith, prefers his iced & in a protein shake, our master lead mechanic, Tim, prefers his mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks with a double shot of espresso, our dispatcher, Ms. Brighte takes hers with a pinch of sugar and a dash of cream, Baleigh, our accounts payable representative, prefers a white chocolate mocha, and me, well, I prefer an iced vanilla latte from my favorite coffee shop, Safehouse Coffee in Griffin, GA.

Located in historic downtown Griffin, Safehouse is nothing short of its name. It really is my Safehouse; a place where I can hideaway to study, read, work, enjoy quiet time with myself, or fellowship with close friends. Each visit, I’m greeted with big smiles and the coffee I’m served is always superb. My usual is the iced vanilla latte, sweet and smooth. The aesthetic pleases my soul and the espresso pleases my taste buds.

If coffee isn’t your thing, no worries. They have an array of teas and treats to satisfy everyone. No time to sit and enjoy? They’ve got a “commuter cup” special- $2 cup of coffee between 7-9AM.

So whether you have a couple minutes to spare and enjoy the atmosphere, or you’re in a hurry and gotta enjoy your joe on go, Safehouse Coffee Roasters will not disappoint!


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