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It Takes a Family to Build a Village

It takes a family to build a village!

A&B Heating & Cooling is a family built business, servicing the community for decades. It's no surprise that Christmas at A&B is no different. Nestled in the front office, sits a happy, warm Christmas village. Festively decorated for the Christmas season, soft lights glow from the tiny windows and doors. Porcelain people line the snowy hills from the toy shop to the North Church--each a unique character.

The real wonder behind this tiny village is how it came to be. Just as A&B has been built over the years by its family, so has the tiny village. A&B owner and operator Donnie Basilici in his travels with his wife and loving family has collected the Christmas village piece by piece. For thirty years he has steadfastly added to the growing community of porcelain homes. From Arizona to Boston--each piece tells a story.

A building in the village that holds special meaning is the North Church--a hallmark in Boston as Paul Revere's Steeple. However, it isn't the historical aspect that gives the church special meaning--but rather the town it calls home. Boston is the birth place of Donnie Basilici, and holds a special place in his heart. It only seemed fitting in his travels to Boston that he bring home the small landmark to ad to the village.

Over the years, family and friends have helped to contribute to the village as well. So when you come to the front office and see the warm village nestled against the back wall--you are not just looking at an elaborate Christmas town, but rather a family built tradition stemming back 30 years. Just like A&B, the village was built by family, and continues to grow every year.

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