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5 Tips for Home Organization

Home is where the mess is... Let's be honest, it's so tough to keep the house clean and organized! We have a few tips that might help you and your family in staying tidy at home, or at least feeling a little more organized!

1. Make your bed! The simple act of covering up the sheets, resetting the throw pillows, and smoothing it out makes a WORLD of difference. This is a simple task for children, and husbands, as well!

2. Use Command hooks wherever you can. Hang up kitchen towels, belts, purses, scarves, or even cords. This keeps items off the floor or dresser and gives them a "home" to always be stored.

3. Sort through paper clutter. Every day, or realistically every few days, go through the mail stack! Recycle the mail that you don't need, and store what you need to keep in a file folder. Think of all the trees, and counter space, you'll save!

4. Create a sacred space for the tv remotes. It's 2020, there are many different remotes and gadgets to control what you watch on tv. This clutters up the coffee table, and fast! Designate a space that your remotes will always call home and keep them there.

5. Use your laundry baskets. Picking up clothing off the floor and putting in a basket seems simple but will freshen up a space in a snap! Take a break from scrolling the internet and go grab your dirty clothes now, throw them in a dirty laundry basket, and pat yourself on the back. You're one step closer to organization!

What simple/quick organization tips do you use at home? Thanks for being part of the #howtohomeowner family! Stay cool, friends!



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