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Beat the Heat & Freeze the Bill

The hot weather is officially here...and here to stay. While we can't escape the heat and the inevitable fact that our thermostat temperatures will drop lower and lower, we can offer you a few ways to help keep those utility bills down. You'd be surprised what simple exchanges, tips, and tricks you can follow to put money back into your pocket while the heat tries to steal it away.

Switch it up

A few exchanges made between simple household items and every day tasks can make a big difference.

1. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs. Walmart has some great options for around $12/pack.

2. Ditch the dishes. Using appliances that use a high amount of heat also produce a high amount of heat. Take the afternoon for yourself and wait until the sun sets to do those high heat-producing chores like running the dishwasher or washing clothes. Need a good book to read instead? Check out this suggestion from our sales manager, Jeremy.

3. Avoid using the oven. Using the oven can turn your house into an oven - so bring out the charcoal and fire up the grill. Need a few recipe ideas? Check out one of our favorites here.


Clean it up.

Who knew being tidy could save you some money?

1. Change or clean your air filter. A clean filter allows air to move more efficiently through your home. The more efficient, the easier it is for your unit to run. The easier it is for your unit to run, the less energy it has to use. The less energy your unit uses, the lower your utility bill. Mind. Blown.

2. Clean up around air vents. Anything block or clogging can cause a disruption in air flow. This could be anything from furniture, curtains, to your kids small toys. Make sure your vents are open 100% and they are clear from clutter. Want to change the appearance of your vent so when you show it off it looks nicer? Check out these awesome DIY vent covers by Lolly Jane.

3. Seal up. Make sure there are no gaps in your windows and doors for heat to sneak through. Keep the good cold air in and the bad humid heat out. Check out this article from the DIY Network that walks you through how to check for gaps and seal them.


We hope we have helped on your mission to tackle and defeat high energy bills this summer season. Still worried your unit could be running more efficiently? Give us a call at 706-478-4857 for a routine AC maintenance and tune-up.


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