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How to Landscape around an Air Conditioner Unit

Air conditioner units are not pretty, there's no bones about it! Many homeowners want to cover up their (very necessary) eye-sore by landscaping around their AC unit, and there are many ways to do it! If you aren't careful, your landscaping can be harmful to the health and lifespan of your air conditioner unit. Let's learn the top 3 ways to landscape around your HVAC unit.

Keep your distance! Maintain a minimum of 2 feet distance when planting shrubs, flowers or grasses. This ensures that your air conditioner unit can continue to maintain proper airflow and can keep your home cool! Leaving space between the landscaping and your air conditioner unit will also allow for technicians to repair and service your unit! The best plants to use near your AC unit include hydrangeas, evergreens, or dogwoods. Choose a plant that will grow UP and not OUT.

Create a windbreak! Plant evergreens or install a small lattice fence within the 2 foot minimum distance of your unit. This small barrier will protect your air conditioner unit from severe weather conditions. Potted plants are another option that require less commitment, and can be moved if needed! Creating a windbreak using these methods hides the unit, and spruces up your yard - pun intended!

Go minimal! If watering plants or shrubs isn't your thing, go minimalist! Use mulch or gravel around your unit to dress it up, with virtually zero maintenance. Get festive and add some metal yard decor or bird feeders nearby to finish the low maintenance landscaped look.

Not only does landscaping around your air conditioner unit help aesthetically, but it helps with efficiency! The more shade your unit receives, the better it will work and cool your home. Have you done any landscaping around your air conditioner unit? Share your images with us on social media, and tag us! Stay cool, friends!


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