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Broken AC: Memoirs of the AC Tune-Up We Should've Gotten.

Picture this: it’s the middle of July and temperatures are reaching the 100's. You’re driving home from work day dreaming about your evening. Feet up, cold glass of sweet tea, and Netflix.

You walk inside and your home’s temperature is just as hot, if not hotter, than outside. Your plans = ruined. You call the emergency hotline for your heating & cooling company, but it seems as though 30 other people had the same AC crash, so you’re waiting (sweating) in line.

Help finally arrives, and your technician tells you it’s an easy fix and that “funny noise” it has been making for weeks was a sure sign that it needed a tune up, and definitely needed it sooner.

Don’t let the heat ruin a good summer night- get a tune up before putting your AC into overdrive this summer. Our certified technicians at A&B can service your system and catch any problems or inefficiencies before it’s too late.

Call us today at 706-647-9644 and mention THIS blog post for 10% OFF an AC tune up for the month of May!


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