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Crawl Space Clean-Up

Clean Crawl Services

 A proper air conditioning unit or furnace isn't all you need for a comfortable and healthy household. As your HVAC professionals, we look our for your best interest in every part of your home.


Basements, crawl spaces and cellars can get musty, damp, and, moldy at the drop of a hat. Allow us to clean up your dirty space and turn it into a clean, moisture-free environment. After the space has been cleaned, and sealed, we install a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will keep your crawl space dry, preventing harmful mold and bacteria from growing. Don't let your damp crawl space get you down! Give us a call today!

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Who Cares About A Musty Crawl Space?

Did you know that your crawl space or basement can effect the overall indoor air quality of your home? Many homeowners simply don't want to pay any attention to the dark, musty area. However, ignoring the space could create health issues for you and your family! Damp, dark areas such as crawl spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold to grow. While this mold may not effect you in a visible way each day, the invisible dangers are there. As heat rises from your basement or crawl space, the mold and bacteria rise with it into your home. This can cause a variety of negative health problems such as coughing, wheezing, asthma, skin irritation and eye issues. This serious problem can all come from a forgotten moldy, crawl space! 


Enter, A & B Heating & Cooling Co.... We will prevent the mold, mildew and bacteria from growing in your basement or crawl space by sealing it. This method uses a poly-liner to seal your space from accumulating moisture. Depending on your crawl space situation, we have multiple types of liners ranging from basic 6 mil to 8 -12 mil scrim reinforced vapor stop. Once we have cleaned and sealed your crawl space, we recommend installing a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will assist us in keeping the moisture from returning and is one more step to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Keeping your family safe and breathing easy is our number one priority.


For more serious cases with high amounts of water accumulation, we can install sump pumps or french drains. These devices will are like high-tech shower drains for your crawl space or basement. Even after we have completed our job, these pumps/drains catch the water in your space and funnel it into an area outside your home that is no longer problematic. 

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