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With all the demands on a homeowner’s time, we at A & B Heating & Cooling Co. are happy to make it a little easier to stay cool and comfortable all year long. From installation to maintenance to repair, we’ll take care of all of your heating and cooling needs. Over the past few decades, the HVAC industry has produced a dizzying array of different comfort systems to see to the needs of families and businesses alike. We now offer plumbing services - from a leaky faucet to a water heater replacement, our master plumber with 21 years of experience is able to assist. A&B is proud to offer professional plumbing inspections that include check-ups on your sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets. Our master plumber will examine pipes for leaks, assess the condition of your supply lines, look for rust and corrosion on water heater, and more.

Living in Georgia means dealing with air conditioning your home for most of the year, and there’s no way to make it through without investing in great cooling systems. You need a great air conditioner to stay cool, and you need great service professionals to keep your cooling system in good working order. At A & B Heating & Cooling Co., we’ve been installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioners throughout the Thomaston area for nearly 50 years, and we’ll be happy to bring our central air conditioning expertise to your home or business.
The Middle GA area enjoys a relatively mild climate for most of the year, but a good heating system is still needed to stay safe and warm throughout the winter months. We service, maintain and install gas and heat pump furnaces. At A & B Heating & Cooling Co., we’re proud to be your local heating contractors, and we’ll be glad to take care of all your heating installation, maintenance and repair needs. 
Every homeowner depends on heating and cooling systems to stay comfortable throughout the year, and those systems represent a major investment in the home as a whole. At A & B Heating & Cooling Co., we have nearly 50 years of experience helping our friends and neighbors with great HVAC services. From furnaces and boilers to air conditioners and heat pumps, we install, repair and maintain all the HVAC systems you depend on; moreover, we’ll do it at a price you can afford and always with a smile.

HVAC is about much more than maintaining a comfortable temperature: it’s about helping you and your family breathe easily throughout the year. At A & B Heating & Cooling Co., we’re proud to offer a full range of indoor air quality products and services to protect your family’s health and improve your quality of life. 

Basements, crawl spaces and cellars can get musty, damp, and, moldy at the drop of a hat. Allow us to clean up your dirty space and turn it into a clean, moisture-free environment. After the space has been cleaned, and sealed, we install a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will keep your crawl space dry, preventing harmful mold and bacteria from growing. Don't let your damp crawl space get you down! Give us a call today!

Any business’ most valuable resource is its people, and if your employees aren’t comfortable and breathing easily at work, your whole enterprise will suffer. We’ve been in business ourselves for nearly 50 years, and we’re proud of the connections we’ve built with our colleagues in the Thomaston business community and beyond. From installation to general maintenance to emergency repairs, we’ll provide all the top-notch HVAC services your company needs to succeed.

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