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Master Technician or Master Yellow Jacket Whisperer?

There never seems to be a dull moment over here at A&B Heating & Cooling Company. We can always count on our technicians to make tedious jobs interesting, and our Master Technician, Phillip, just happens to be this week’s comedic relief.

While fixing a leak on an AC unit this week, Phillip encountered a little more than Freon. Soon after he began working on the unit, he sat his tools down next to his work space only to awaken a legion of yellow jackets. After giving Phillip about 5 good stings, the yellow jackets became angry, forcing Phillip to temporarily abandon his job & tools.

Watching from a distance, poor Phillip pondered how he could get his job done, rescue his tools, and get the heck out of dodge without another sting. He then remembered that his boss, Donnie, works closely with bees. Within minutes, Mr. Donnie came to Phillip’s rescue with a full bee suit to help him face the angry mob of yellow jackets. Suited up, Phillip finished his work professionally and timely, rescued his tools, and even gave us a few laughs back in the office.


Not even yellow jackets can keep us from keeping you comfortable! Check out Phillip’s hero suit below.


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